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Recent Reviews

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Büke Burkay

CEN121 - Computer Programming I

Haliç Üniversitesi

about 1 month ago

Teacher explained the subject pretty good.The classes are clean and broad and the quality of the students were pretty high.

Tijani Ridwanulahi Adekilekun

MEC101 - Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

Haliç Üniversitesi

about 2 months ago

It was great doing the course, the professor was very patient and resourceful and the Final exam entailed quality questions that were practical.

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Babatunde Ololade

MAT215 - Differential equations

Haliç Üniversitesi

4 months ago

This was one of my first courses at the university. After a while, I realized most students were leaving the class since they couldn't really understand the teacher. The teacher was fast and seemed to care about finishing the course syllabus rather than if students understood. Personally, I understood the course but I wish the teacher put all students into consideration


What Students are Saying

    • Scoutlage helps prospective students compare various universities of their choice and make a decision based on a lot of factors including curriculum, student satisfaction and many others. Having the soft of data and information that a platform like this provides could be the key to choosing your dream school

      Owolabi Tobiloba
    • Scoutlage help students to share useful information about their school, this platform gives a voice for students to help other students make informed decisions based on firsthand experiences of courses they've done and other information that can help intending students make better choices in their educational pursuits.

      Iyiola Oluwaseun
    • Scoutlage provides the ideal environment for students, intending and current to express their honest opinion and reviews about their school, courses, and other issues they may have. The platform gives them a voice for them to share what they have experienced with others and learn in the same time while staying informed.

      Ayodabo Tomisin
    • I would have gone farther than I have now, If I had such a rare opportunity as Scoutlage! Scoutlage is the next big thing! It provides a hands-on solution to students' cardinal plights, enabling them to surf diverse opinions of others as touching their institutions, courses taken, and the approaches used to facilitate learning.

      Oyediran Emmanuel
    • I'd gladly recommend Scoutlage to any indecisive student or confused parent, as it answers all the prominent and underlying questions that anyone would love to enquire into. How I wish I found a platform like this few years ago. Scoutlage is the best, it directs the confused, it establishes the enlightened!.

      George Thamer


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